Photo Blog, Maybe.

So guys I know that I’m not all that interesting, but i was thinking about keeping my blog going for a bit, a photo blog maybe. I’m definitely going to post photos from Europe cause I’m so darn excited to be going, I need to tell everyone! So just prepare for photo spam, it’ll happen. 


video sharing

So I’ll be honest I don’t really share any videos ever. Mostly I just click the link that someone has posted on fb and follow that to the YouTube video. I do think video sharing is important though, especially for distance learning, perhaps someone can’t get to the library to ask how to search a database or use the catalogue properly, if the library has shared a video tutorial on their webpage, it’s as easy as watching the video.

Twitter . . . .

Having a twitter account for work purposes I’m pretty familiar with the layout and how it all works, but it’s definitely not my favourite social media platform (probably cause i have twitter for work purposes). I love the fact that people just tweet whatever they think, it makes me feel a little more normal, but sometimes I find twitter really hard to follow, especially when people start to abbreviate words and have conversations through tweets my brain just doesn’t follow. Whether you like twitter or not I recommend jumping onto the usyd library twitter page, they tweet some really interesting stuff and are really making social media a priority.  

social networking or something.

Normally when I post things online I post photos because I think pictures tell my story better than words ever could. Photos, I think transcend demographic, location, language, emotional and almost every other barrier you can think of. I post photos because it allows anyone looking at my stuff to draw their own conclusions, to make up their own minds and to feel whatever they want. I like looking at other people’s photos, I like following new people because of one amazing or funny or cute photo they have posted and that’s what social media is, right? It’s anyone and everyone telling their story, sharing their experiences on a platform where they feel comfortable and it’s connecting with people you may never have another chance to. I’ll be honest, blogging kind of scares me a little, mostly because it’s somthing I’ve never done before. I like to think I’m not a typical 21 year old, I like baking and BBC, I have a serious tea addiction, but I do know my way around facebook and sometimes I even tweet, but generally it’s only because they’re connected to my instagram account. I’m willing to give anything a chance and so far I loved hearing everyone else’s opinions and feelings on what kind of social media they prefer, who knows maybe I’ll just fall in love with blogging. #notahipster